Tax Advisory

With the increase in globalization today’s businesses have the ability to operate in multiple markets. This requires businesses to deal with vendors & customers from different parts of the world and exposes the challenge of compliance with tax laws in different countries.

At GN Global our International Tax Advisory team is geared specifically to help your business grow by helping you meet your tax compliance obligations around the world. Through our collaborating firms, GN Global serves 92 countries.

Corporate Setup

As your business grows you need an advisor on your side who can help you create a corporate structure that is tax-effective.

Our Corporate Tax Advisory team can not only help you structure your group in a way that helps you save on taxes, but also advise you on your compliance obligations.

Accounting Services

As your business grows you need you need to focus on your core business activities and leave the functional activities to a specialized firm that understands your business.

Our professional team of qualified CPAs, Chartered Accountants and MBAs understand the needs of your business and can help take care of your functional processes so that you are free to focus on your core business growth.

Our area of expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Payroll

  • Accounts receivable and payable

  • Financial Reporting

  • Assistance to your statutory or external auditors

  • Guidance and updates on your accounting software

  • Critical watch on your foreign currency transactions including calculations of gains and losses

Taxation of American Businesses Overseas

As a US business operating in another country your business may be exposed to complex tax reporting requirements.

As an overseas branch of a US entity, you may need to pay taxes on profits, or as a subsidiary of a US business, you may be required to pay taxes on dividends in the host country as well as in the US.

Our team at GN Global can analyze your transactions and tax exposure and guide you to comply with your tax reporting requirements. Our experienced professionals can help you take advantage of double tax treaties to reduce your tax liability.

Taxation of American Businesses Overseas

Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR)

Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR)

As an individual or a business, if you have a financial interest or signatory authority over a foreign financial account, including a bank account, brokerage account, mutual fund, trust, or other types of foreign financial account, exceeding certain thresholds (currently USD 10,000) you may be required to report the account to the IRS.

GN Global can help you identify your reporting requirements. Our experts will ensure that your FBARs are completed and filed on time.

Renunciation of U.S. Citizenship Abroad

The new tax rules and compliance related issues, business accounts may force you to think to renounce your U.S. Citizenship.

Renouncing your U.S. Citizenship is your personal decision. But, once you have decided to renounce you Citizenship, you need a professional guide to help you pass through this complex process.

While renouncing your U.S. Citizenship, you may be required to appear for interviews with a U.S. Embassy abroad and may have to pay exit tax.

To ensure that you get the right advice, you need to talk to a very good legal and tax advisor. We, at GN Global has an expert team to advise you on tax related matters and have an excellent network of attorneys around the world specialized in this field.

Renunciation of U.S. Citizenship Abroad

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing

As your business grows and you start taking advantage of lower manufacturing or lower service costs by setting up subsidiaries around the world, you need someone by your side to guide you and assist you with making the right pricing decision.

Transfer Pricing is looked at by tax regulators around the world as a potential method of tax evasion which can have severe consequences on your business. A scrutiny by regulators may lead to a large tax reassessment with severe penalties and a lot of time spent in interacting with tax authorities.

At GN Global our experienced team of accountants can help you make the right decisions to ensure that you are paying the right amount of taxes and at the same time are able to keep your profit margins.

With a presence in 92 countries, our team is always available to help you.