VAT Consultancy

VAT is an indirect tax levied on the consumption of goods and services whether they are purchased locally or imported. Although, VAT is levied on all goods and services, there are some exceptions such as healthcare, education, and exports.

VAT is charged and collected by VAT registered businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

Subject to certain restrictions, registered businesses can also reclaim VAT incurred on goods and services acquired for business purposes.

Managing VAT obligations is an on-going challenge for your business. It is, therefore, important that you have a Trusted Advisor who can not only guide you in complying with VAT regulations but also understands the individual needs of your business.

Our team aims to maximize the cost-benefit ratio of meeting your VAT obligations.

Our four-stage implementation methodology is designed to assist you with your VAT compliance.


GN Global offers a number of tailored VAT reviews to suit the needs of your business. Our reviews which help ensure that you meet all your VAT compliance obligations and minimize the risk of penalties. Our review team also looks into the areas which can generate savings and identify opportunities to improve your cash-flow.

Our reviews are flexible and targeted to the needs of the individual business. We study your existing business processes establish controls to avoid errors and ensure accurate VAT reporting.

For your business to be VAT compliant, it is essential that you make accurate tax calculations and file timely returns with the Federal Tax Authority.

A streamlined Accounting Information System plays a key role in keeping your business VAT compliant. Our trained and experienced consultants can help you select a new accounting software or to configure your existing one, with the transaction matrices of your business without disrupting your current business affairs.

A well-trained staff that can understand the VAT implications of complex business transactions and can really help in keeping your business compliant.

GN Global Consulting customizes training modules to meet the individual needs of your business and works with you every step of the way to help your business run smoothly. Equipped with our VAT Manuals, Documented Procedures and Matrices your staff can effectively manage the day to day compliance needs of your business.

Our team is here to help your business navigate through the complex maze of VAT laws. We will conduct Pilot runs, test your systems and processes, generate reports and test your system controls to make sure that you are able to continuously comply with VAT laws.


With the new VAT legislation the FTA has announced its intent to carry out surprise and periodical tax audits of businesses registered in the UAE.

When your business is selected for a tax audit, you need to have a Trusted Advisor on your side. We at GN Global can help you get through your tax audit. It pays to have a VAT expert from GN Global on your team. Our experts can help you make your case and get through the audit.

Remember initial discussions are always free with GN Global!